Doug Stone
The Stampede, El Paso TX

Live Sound Engineer
Anna Nalick

Source Sound Studio
El Paso, TX

Insulate with a Drummer
Construction of Source Sound

Dr. Lowkey of
The Mad Mad Scientists

Audio Billboard

S O U R C E   S O U N D    R a d i o   M a r k e t i n g   A g e n c y

onairIs it legitimately possible to advertise your locally owned restaurant or night club on a top five ranked Nashville radio station with enough frequency to be truly effective and simultaneously significantly reduce your cost? Yes.
The Audio Billboard is a concept that aired in El Paso, TX since 1987 with approximately one million dollars in gross buys and literally thousands of aired announcements. It is a unique, proven and time tested idea that is extremely cost effective, efficient and most importantly, effective.  The bottom line is the bottom line and in today’s economic environment, working smart is every bit as relevant as working hard.

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View On Air Schedule Night Club/Bar Audio Billboard

View On Air Schedule Restaurant Audio Billboard

NOTE:  The following are samples of  radio announcements produced by Ron King for past clients in El Paso, Texas;

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Ron King has extensive experience in general marketing tactics with an emphasis on the the inner dynamics of radio sales, arbitron ratings analysis and interpretation, promotions and general production procedures. By combining a common sense approach with logic and creativity, my directive is to maximize the financial return on investment for the client.  It is my job to ensure your company maintains a strong public image utilizing two decades of experience and over one million dollars in gross media buys.  We develop promotional concepts, consult with various media outlets and formulate a plan of action to create viable market awareness for your business.