Doug Stone
The Stampede, El Paso TX

Live Sound Engineer
Anna Nalick

Source Sound Studio
El Paso, TX

Insulate with a Drummer
Construction of Source Sound

Dr. Lowkey of
The Mad Mad Scientists


During the course of my career, I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many interesting artists in a variety of settings as an events coordinator, foh sound engineer or just being at the right place at the right time. This collage highlights some of those moments…

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What can I say? I really love to play drums.  As a desert rat, my playing career begen in El Paso, TX way back in’76 as a young teenager and continued until I left in 2013.

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The above clip is a sample of an impromptu live percussion solo with former band, The Chilli Crackers.

Human Elelment – The Mad Mad Scientists, an experimental project I subjected myself and several close friends too. Bizarre and unpredictable soundscapes recorded while jamming and then proceeding to invite guest musicians in to lay down a track…the only rule was the guest had one pass to listen to the track and one attempt to record their interpretation. Interesting.

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The ’03 Project – Mad Mad Scientists early days, around 2003. Simple garage recordings through a Peavey mixer (except for Second Sun and EPPD, recorded at Source Sound), however, Dr. Lowkey doing what he does best.

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Looker – Okay, this one is really reaching back into the ol’ proverbial grab bag.  This recording was the first time I received radio airplay back in 1983. Although a produced red book airplay quality album, this recording was originally captured on a reel to reel player then bounced to cassette some years later. THEN…in 2002 or so I bumped it to cd to try and preserve what audio fidelity it had left…which is not much. Anyway, this band and project was a life learning experience for me fo sho.

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