Metro Studiofoam

Metro Studiofoam

Quantity Per One (1) Package:

(12) 2" x 24" x 48" Studiofoam Metro

(6) 4" x 24" x 48" Studiofoam Metro


Studiofoam Metro is available in two popular thicknesses, 2” and 4”, similar to Studiofoam Pyramid.  Dimensions are 2' X 4'. Studiofoam Metro offers a unique aesthetic while maintaining the superior performance of Studiofoam. They effectively kill standing waves and flutter echoes and, when used in conjunction with Bass Traps or Broadband Absorbers, can effectively tame the full frequency bandwidth in virtually any acoustic environment.

  • NCR Rating

    The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up sound. The thickness and density of a product are two factors in calculating a Noise Reduction Coefficient. An acoustic product with a .95 NRC rating means that 95% of sound in the space is absorbed, while the other 5% is reflected.

    2” Studiofoam Metro - 0.70 (Overall Rating)

    4” Studiofoam Metro - 1.10 (Overall Rating)